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As the Dutch TV commecial says… “A little bit of myself and a little bit of… “. My Home-brew AT89C51 Eurocard SBC based on an old Elektor design with some extensions. Flash interface to support Atmel’s “Flip”. As well as some external memory so that also plain 8051 and 8031’s can be used. The AM29F040 is used as I had a whole pile of these.

AT89C51-8051-8031 SBC

Inspired by Inspired by Francesco’s design, an old Elektor (Dutch elektronics magazine) and a design I made myself in the past a new Eurocard format design, with buffered outputs , RAM , EEPROM so that it can also fit the 8051 and 8031’s (ROMless). For Francesco’s design see his Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1163412597168632/

Stripping Atoms

As my 2 Acorn Atom boards were in a quite bad state, and I got a hold of a desoldering station that worked pretty well I decided to strip both boards “to the bone”, and rebuild them with high-quality IC-sockets, low profile crystals etc. (Board images are clickable for Hi-Res).

The Acorn Atom – Introduction

The Acorn Atom was my first “Personal computer”, a computer with a real keyboard, and video display (well actually an old portable B&W TV). All I could effort was the basic version, 2K of Memory, no floating point ROM, no printer interface (6522). For many years my own Acorn Atom ended up in a junk… read more »

NDR School television episodes (26)

0. Microelectronics – Introduction of the NDR “Klein” computerThomas Naumann and Rolf-Dieter Klein introduce the capabilities of the NDR “Klein” computer and the contents of the 26 episodes. (In German).

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This site has been dedicated to ~1980’s Home- and Game Computers I own, Single Boards Computers (SBC’s) I either built or bought, as well as home-brew hardware and test equipment.