AT89C51-8051-8031 SBC

Inspired by Inspired by Francesco’s design, an old Elektor (Dutch elektronics magazine) and a design I made myself in the past a new Eurocard format design, with buffered outputs , RAM , EEPROM so that it can also fit the 8051 and 8031’s (ROMless). For Francesco’s design see his Facebook group :

The rendered version
Non-rendered Kicad Version 1.0


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  • Hello,

    Great projects on your site. Do you offer the original Kicad files, too?
    Any contact possibility (e.g. E-Mail)?

    I’m interested also in the ICE, ICE Baby. Can you please contact me.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Gerhard,

      First of all, apologies for the late reply. Didn’t realize people tried to contact me via here.
      Unfortunately I don’t have any leftover spare boards anymore but I have placed the Kicad and Gerber files on my webpage.
      My PCB’s came from JLCPCB and are quite cheap.

      Would that help ?
      Kind regards, Bram

      • You have placed the Kicad and Gerber files on your webpage.
        but where ?? I cannot find the menu for gerber and KiCad files !
        It’s SIMCAD ( with somes modifications ) from Elektuur in Belgium, i have
        this board for training assembler with EASM52.exe.

        • Hi Gerard,
          I did not place the Gerber’s for this board on my website but will send them via mail.
          As well as the ICE files.

          Kind regards, Bram

  • Hi retrocomputing , Do you place the Kicad file for download to try modify CAD files ?
    I think this project board is inspired by SIMCAD from Elektuur 1990.
    Best regards

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