Elektor’s Junior Computer Monitor (TM Eprom)

As part of my Junior computer revival project I needed Junior Computer’s monitor (EP)ROM. As the original Eprom is a 2708, which requires 3 different supply voltages, and very specialized programming equipment that was not really the way to go. His bigger brother the 2716 becomes more and more scarce, next choice was the 2732. Of course I could have gone for modern Flash, EEPROM etc, but I also wanted to stay as close to the original design as possible. So the 2732(A) it is.

Elektor (Elektuur) published 2 versions of the TM Eprom listing :

The Hexdump version

The source listing as published in the Elektor (Elektuur) Junior computer book volume 2

As I am planning to play with / modify the monitor I decided to create a source version (initially) identical to the original one that can be assembled with a (more) modern assembler, the “Telemark Assembler” aka TASM.

Source listing (TASM) version

TASM Version 3.2 (can be run under Windows)